Stacey Lynn Crowe 

Stacey Lynn Crowe is a singer and actress from the Midlands, UK

    Born in Burton Upon Trent, Stacey's passion for performance started at the young age of 5 when she started her dancing grades at the Wendy Bates School of dance. This soon went onto her developing an admiration for the stage, and from the age of 9 she was participating in productions with local drama clubs including 'Babes in Toyland' . It was during this time she had the honor of meeting the late Jeremy Beadle, who awarded the drama club after winning a road safety commercial competition. During her time at Junior school she developed a musical ear and learnt how to play the flute along with taking part in many choir performances.
   She continued to study music and drama at GCSE level, then progressed onto a National Diploma in performing Arts. It was during this period she worked a small acting contract for Merlin Entertainment, participated in regional singing competitions and performed a drama piece to Prince Edward on his Royal visit to Burton college. Stacey was also attending The Burton Youth Theater at this time, taking shows to the Epping festival, and having the opportunity to direct Nick Dears 'Lunch In Venice'  for the National Shell Connections Project.

   After her diploma and taking a year out, she continued her studies at degree level in Musical Theater and Drama at the Cumbria institute of the Arts. Her degree enabled Stacey to experiment with not only different acting methods and singing styles , but different ways of writing, with comedy being her forte. For her drama final she wrote comedy 'The Ordinary Life' which was performed at The Stanwix Arts Theatre, Carlisle. After graduating in 2008 Stacey worked a short season for Parkdean Holidays as a vocalist and childrens entertainer, then ventured overseas to work as an entertainment manager on a resort in Sal, Cape Verde. From February 2009 to September 2011 she produced, directed and performed in a variety of shows, including 'A Night at The Musicals' and 'Swinging 60's' along with solo acoustic gigs. During this time Stacey took 5 months off to travel the world visiting South America, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East. A trip which changed her life incredibly, and made her realize that life was well and truly for living.

   Always wanting to challenge herself and progress within the arts, Stacey returned to the UK in 2011 to pursue her career as an actress, singer and model. Since then she has worked several contracts for Merlin Entertainments, the company which offered her her 1st professional role back in 2003. In 2013 she played various medieval characters at Warwick Castle , a job she was very fond of with her having a flare for improvisation and comedy. Her next season was CBeebies land which launched at Alton Towers in 2014, where she played various childrens TV characters.

  Alongside working for Merlin Entertainments Stacey fronted soul Band the Connections, and continued to work with many music artists including US band Royal Thunder as a model and actress in music videos . She also began working in TV and film as a supporting artist to gain experience in film production, as all she had ever known was theatre and live performance.  In the last 12 months Stacey has been focusing more on her writing and screen acting and has worked on some fantastic productions as a walk on artist including 'Peaky Blinders' , 'BBC Doctors' and 'The Girl With All the gifts' meeting some incredibly insprational people of the industry along the way. She also had her comedy 'Our Gal' selected for showing at The Beeston Film Festival 2016 and played Aphrodite in a controversial short film with Maverick TV about how beauty is percieved today.

  An admiration for theatre and improvisation has seen Stacey take part in many childrens theatre productions over the last few years with different acting companies including pantomime's 'Cinderella' and 'Dick Whittington' and directing 'Bugsy Malone' for her local Youth Theatre. Being a natural when it comes to the theatre and stage, Stacey continues to work many events including character meet and greets and Murder Mystery Dinners with companies 'Lucky Arrow Productions' and 'Fancy Entertainment' .

   As for her music , Stacey decided to leave soul band the connections in 2015 and join girlband Fixation in which she toured holiday parks around the the nation with the UK's first Meghan Trainor tribute show. After a fantastic 2016 on the road along with appearences at Christmas light switch ons around her area, Stacey has decided to fly solo since 2017, focusing on her career as a recording artist and songwriter. Working in association with EBA Records, Stacey released her debut single 'Sentimental Honey' in spring 2016 and since then has produced her debut album 'Keep Moving' which is due for release this summer.


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Performance timeline

  1. Babes in Toyland 1996
    Babes in Toyland 1996
  2. Keep awake on a sleepy Road 1997
    Keep awake on a sleepy Road 1997
  3. Terror in the Towers 2003
    Terror in the Towers 2003
  4. Shell Connections Project 2004
    Shell Connections Project 2004
  5. Ghosts 2016
    Ghosts 2016
  6. The Ordinary Life 2007
    The Ordinary Life 2007
  7. A Night at the Musicals 2010
    A Night at the Musicals 2010
  8. Derby Quad 24hour film - Entity 2012
    Derby Quad 24hour film - Entity 2012
  9. The Castle Dungeons 2013
    The Castle Dungeons 2013
  10. Panto 2013
    Panto 2013
  11. Cbeebies Land Opens 2014
    Cbeebies Land Opens 2014
  12. Emmerdale 2014
    Emmerdale 2014
  13. Panto 2014
    Panto 2014
  14. Royal Thunder 2015
    Royal Thunder 2015
  15. Ideal World TV 2015
    Ideal World TV 2015
  16. Get out of my life 2015
    Get out of my life 2015
  17. Easter Eggstravaganza 2015
    Easter Eggstravaganza 2015
  18. The Proposal 2015
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  19. The Girl With all the gifts 2015
    The Girl With all the gifts 2015
  20. Princess Parties 2015
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  21. Company of the clueless 2015
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  22. Peaky Blinders season 3 2015
    Peaky Blinders season 3 2015
  23. Who killed Chad Spitt ? 2015
    Who killed Chad Spitt ? 2015
  24. Feature film - Road 2016
    Feature film - Road 2016
  25. The Mines 2016
    The Mines 2016
  26. On set of Cradle to the Grave 2015
    On set of Cradle to the Grave 2015
  27. Sky Sports Italia Commercial 2016
    Sky Sports Italia Commercial 2016
  28. Xtreme scream 2016
    Xtreme scream 2016
  29. Christmas Light switch on 2016
    Christmas Light switch on 2016
  30. Open Mic UK 2016
    Open Mic UK 2016
  31. Farmfoods commercial 2017
    Farmfoods commercial 2017
  32. Channel 4 National Treasure
    Channel 4 National Treasure
  33. Webeye Commercial 2016
    Webeye Commercial 2016
  34. Our Girl 2016
    Our Girl 2016
  35. All about the bass 2016
    All about the bass 2016
  36. Debut single release April 2016
    Debut single release April 2016
  37. Debut Radio pefrformance 2016
    Debut Radio pefrformance 2016