Theatre has always been the biggest influence on Stacey's career, and it started at the age of 9 when she joined her local drama club and played Jack Horner in 'Babes in Toyland'  along with many other productions including 'King Arthur' which was performed in the round at The Brewhouse Arts Centre.
After receiving an award from the late Jeremy Beadle for a Road Safety advert the drama club produced, I think it was then the seed was planted for Stacey to continue her hobby and later career as an actor.

   Her Diploma, degree and membership of the Youth Theatre have seen her play a variety of roles from Ismene in Greek Theatre's 'Antigone' to Lucy in Musical 'Sweeney Todd', continually challenging her to develope her characterisation skills, and already proving that she had versatility when it came to taking on different roles. With Stacey having a natural flare for comedy she often landed the witty more quirky characters, and even chose to create them herself whenever the module involved improvisation. Her final piece on her diploma 'Tears of time' , was a contoversial devised piece written by the students on domestic violence, however Stacey's character, being named 'Polly pee your pants' was quite the comical role bringing some light heartedness to such a heavy subject. It was inevitable that for her final drama on her degree she wrote her 1st theatre comedy 'The Ordinary Life'  which was performed at The Stanwix Arts Theatre.

   After graduating in 2008, Stacey took her Musical theatre training overseas to Cape Verde where she worked as an entertainment manager, producing, directing and performing in a variety of production shows 'A Night at The Musicals'  being the most successful.

   Returning to the UK in 2011 to progress within her career, she decided to knuckle down and focus on her acting taking a contract with Merlin Entertainments where she worked 2 seasons. One at Warwick Castle with The Dungeons brand and the other Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers, both contrasting in performance style and character. During this period she also toured pantomimes 'Cinderella' and 'Dick Whittington' both times playing the Dame, naturally.

   In the last few years Stacey has been focusing on moving her acting career from stage to screen playing various walk on roles in TV and film, and has landed her 1st principle role in a feature film. With many projects in the pipeline and new representation with Stirling Management, 2019 is set to be a very busy one for Stacey and her screen work.

What's next for Stacey in 2019?

Principle Debut
Stacey has landed her 1st principle role in independent feature film 'Zero Days Clean' which is Jamie Darlington's directorial debut . With the trailer being shot this summer, Stacey is excited to be working alongside creatives of her hometown. more 
Home turf
After shooting the trailer last summer, Stacey will be playing supporting role Sammy Grant in Steve Wood's independent thriller 'Losing Faith'. Being filmed in and around Derbyshire, this film is set to put Stacey's hometown on the map more


Coming 2019

    Starting out as a piece for her showreel, and filmed initially in her bedroom then back garden , Stacey began improvising with different characteristics and playing with dialogue using personal encounters and situtaions as her stimuli. What became the finishing product was a middle aged woman  with only a Northern accent, an attitude and a hate for cats, which after many takes and playbacks developed into the sketch 'Waiting'

   With no intention to even enter it into any kind of film Festival it got scouted and selected for the Comedy section of Beeston Film Festival up against some incredible short films including a piece starring Johnny Vegas. After being recieved well, Stacey was given the confidence and motivation to continue writing this series.

 'Our Gal' follows the day to day life of a Northern lass and her life as a mother, wife & neighbour, not to mention village idiot. 
   Having now had a taste of a film festival and all that film production involves, Stacey is keen to create more of this series for further and future festival consideration.

  With the 1st series currently in production, with many different heart warming and hilarious charcters to introduce , here is a raw edit of Episode 1.
Enjoy her, she aint half a gal !